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Did You Receive Your Order On Time? – Amazon Feedback Issues

Let’s talk about Amazon’s Feedback system.  The single biggest issue I have with Amazon’s Feedback system is asking buyers a question that Amazon ALREADY KNOWS THE ANSWER TO!!  And allowing buyers to OUTRIGHT LIE in response to a question for which there is hard data & evidence clearly indicating the answer to this question.

Amazon provides an estimated delivery date range.  I enter tracking information.  Amazon keeps track of the % of my packages which are delivered ‘on time’ [via a completely flawed mathematical format we’ll talk about one day when I’m in one of my mathematical moods].  In order for Amazon to maintain statistics regarding the % of packages that were delivered on time, they must know WHICH ORDERS WERE DELIVERED ON TIME.  Why is this an optional question for buyers in feedback?  If anything this should be used by Amazon as a LIE DETECTOR question and any buyer that enters the wrong answer should not even be ALLOWED to leave feedback.  They’ve just proved their a LIAR — anything else they have to say is unreliable from that point forward.


As you can see from the PINK Boxes, Amazon estimated the shipping date to be October 3 to October 4 and as the shipping date indicates, I did indeed ship the order on October 4 which is within that 2 day range.

In the red boxes you’ll see Amazon estimated the order would arrive October 8 to October 11.  There is also a tracking number and carrier.  Why Amazon is unable to implement the tracking number as a pop-up or link to the tracking status is beyond me, but if we go out to the website & search for this tracking number we’ll see the following information:


Well look at that !!  The package WAS delivered on a date within the estimated delivery dates.  [Although the USPS estimated the delivery for the 12th, it was actually delivered on October 11 which means IT WAS INDEED DELIVERED ON TIME.  Now if Amazon didn’t go through the trouble of receiving data from the USPS and determining which of my orders were and were not delivered on time in order to provide [a flawed calculation] to use as a basis for extending seller suspensions that should never have occurred in the first place, that would be fine.  But since THEY DO [incorrectly] calculate the % of packages which were delivered on time, they know full well that this particular order WAS INDEED DELIVERED ON TIME.

So it baffles me as to WHY this is a question which allows BUYER’S INPUT on the feedback form.  AND in doing so, when a buyer LIES about having received their package on time, the seller is no longer able to select the appropriate option on the feedback removal request form.  “The buyer answered ‘No’ to one or more of the question above” comes up if a seller attempts to classify their feedback removal request as “Product Feedback”.  Even if the issue is …  the buyer left Product Feedback.


The statement left by the buyer is the very definition of PRODUCT FEEDBACK!!  [I’m not making this sh!t up!! That’s ACTUAL feedback I was left — They were UNHAPPY WITH THE PRODUCT!!!]  When I attempt to classify the feedback as ‘Product Feedback’  Clearly the buyer was VERY disappointed having purchased a brand new full size high-end lip gloss that retails at $30 at the lowly price of $4.89 [including shipping — yup I shipped it FOR FREE TOO because I couldn’t deal with Amazon allowing other sellers to manipulate the prices of my products by modifying the shipping weight] but instead of leaving product feedback, they leave seller feedback LYING about having received the product on time which [a] prevents me from properly classifying my removal request properly and [b] ensures my removal request will be automatically rejected because instead of using data Amazon ALREADY HAS to determine if the item was received on time, they just go off the word of the buyer [who obviously LIED].  And if the product wasn’t received on time, Amazon can’t be bothered reading anything I took the time to write [unless I file an appeal to the automatic rejection].

What makes this entire situation especially humorous [aside from the fact that my sales will go down because of the impact of the [1] score & I could possibly be suspended over the [1] feedback score] isn’t even that it is over a f-ing $4.89 sale for which I PAID $1.68 to SHIP the item to the buyer.  This just so happens to be one of my absolute FAVORITE lip glosses & I love it to death!!  Despite selling cosmetics on Amazon, I don’t often wear a lot of makeup, going for the more natural look & keep this in my purse as my everyday lip gloss.  My biggest issue here is how does this person NOT LOVE THIS Lip Gloss?  Out of all the products I sell to have this type of issue with, it’s with one of the few products, I happen to really like.  But that’s besides the point.

Amazon — You obviously KNOW if the order was or was not delivered on time.  The only reason this field should be editable by the user is if you intend to use it to determine the reliability of the buyer leaving the feedback.  In other words, if the buyer leaving feedback answers ‘NO’ to the question about having received the item on time, and you have data which PROVES that the item WAS INDEED delivered on time — that feedback should be immediately dismissed as entirely unreliable.  In fact, I personally consider it to be libel.  A buyer claiming that I did not send something in such a way so that they received it ON TIME when in fact they DID receive it on time gives other potential buyers the impression that I don’t mail my orders out on time which I consider to be damaging to my reputation.  And while it is not my responsibility to prove the statements are incorrect [In libel cases, it is the burden of the party making the alleged libelous statements to prove their statements are correct], I’ve already been able to do so.  The buyer LIED, the lie is damaging to my reputation and I’m partially considering filing libel charges against the buyer and Amazon as Amazon had in their possession evidence which disproves the statements made by the buyer — and by choosing NOT to remove the feedback, they are further supporting & providing a platform by which the buyer is allowed to make libelous claims.

Regardless of whether or not I win such a suit against Amazon [I don’t think I’d have an issue winning a suit against the buyer — if they thought $4.89 was disappointing for a lip gloss, wait till they get the bill from my lawyer when they lose the civil action] I’m fairly certain that bringing such a suit forward would immediately see the removal of this question from Amazon’s feedback form [or at least an enhancement which automatically populates the field based on actual data and not a buyer’s uneducated opinion as to whether or not a delivery date of October 11 is within a range of dates that ends with October 11.

If the inability to add such functionality is beyond the scope of Amazon’s development team, I’ll be more than glad TO WRITE THE LOOKUP CODE MYSELF FOR YOU provided you remove ANY FEEDBACK [past and present] for which the buyer LIED about whether or not they received their order ‘on-time’.

Thanks Amazon for once again being so stupid as to allow a $4.89 sale [including shipping] to waste SO MUCH OF MY TIME and account for such a significant loss in business for me!!