Funny Customer Support Tickets From Amazon —

This was one of my favorites…

A little background ..  when selling on Amazon, if there’s no existing picture of an item, any pictures you upload will be automatically be uploaded to the item listing.  If there’s already a photograph there, be it a customer photograph, a photograph of a different product, a watermarked photograph that doesn’t meet Amazon guidelines or a funny picture of a clown — don’t bother uploading any photos — they’ll never ever show up.

In order to have the incorrect photographs removed and [your] correct photographs uploaded [or any other changes to the listing] you need to PROVE to Amazon that the photo shown is incorrect or they won’t change it,  This ensues to an interesting argument especially when Amazon recommends you go to the manufacturer’s website when the majority of products being sold on the secondary market are usually discontinued or overstock items — not available on the secondary market.  Factor in only about 1/5 of their UPC codes are correct [60% of the listed cosmetics don’t even HAVE actual UPC codes as their usually GWP, PWP, Sample, Testers [without stickers] or other unboxed, unpackaged items never intended for POS and don’t contain UPC codes and attempting to provide proof can be quite frustrating.

One of the listings for a lipstick I had was one of those BRAND NEW [never used] unboxed GWP lipstick that doesn’t have an actual UPC code but is listed either by someone who has an ‘exemption’ and wasn’t supposed to create listings for major label cosmetics with the exemption but did anyway, or a seller without an exemption that either used a valid UPC code from another products or a UPC checksum generator to make up a phony UPC code — the point being the products doesn’t and never had a UPC code [but don’t tell Amazon or they’ll tell you such a product can’t be sold on their site.  The reason sellers must provide such proof is because Amazon has 100% total faith and trust in the original seller who uploaded the photos or wrote the description — in their mind it is not possible anyone could have attempted to create the original listing with any sort of misleading in mind, but myself and you and any other seller is 100% untrustworthy [even after submitting HUNDREDS of catalog corrections — a significant amount of time] therefore there needs to be overwhelming evidence to overturn the original listing details or photograph.  [Or blatantly incorrect shipping weight]

At some point in time another malicious seller decided to upload a photograph of a candle to the listing and somehow attempt to sell a candle with this lipstick listing.  At the time I tried to use the listing, no one was using it at all.  Not difficult to understand — the listing is for a lip gloss and there’s a picture of a candle and trying to get Amazon Seller Support to correct it goes something like this …

My Original Request [Short and Simple]

Please fill in the following information:
Product Category:
Please describe the issue:
Please remove the photograph of the CANDLE and upload my photograph of a LIP GLOSS to this listing.


This is the response I received:

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

We will need some additional information in order to deal with your concerns. Please provide the following details:

* The Amazon order ID
* Your transaction partner’s e-mail address
* A brief description of the situation

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Jane C. Seller Support


Given my extreme frustration with several requests for catalog corrections that required more work / effort than the amount of money I’d receive for selling the products, I found it necessary to demonstrate the issue with a marked up screen shot :



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